It is one of the DevSecOps tools which detects the docker image Vulnerabilities and supports the CIS benchmarks.

Before pushing into the container registry, we need to make sure the image will be CIS benchmark standards.

Dockle has 5 check levels.


FATAL Be practical and prudent
WARN Be practical and prudent, but limited uses (even if official images)
INFO May negatively inhibit the utility or performance
SKIP Not found target files
PASS Not found any problems


  Dockle Hadolint Docker Bench for Security Clair
Target Image Dockerfile Host
Docker Daemon
Container Runtime
How to run Binary Binary ShellScript Binary
Dependency No No Some dependencies No
CI Suitable x x
Purpose Security Audit
Dockerfile Lint
Dockerfile Lint Security Audit
Dockerfile Lint
Scan Vulnerabilities


Create a new task to download and unzip the dockle.

– export VERSION=$(curl –silent “” | grep ‘”tag_name”:’ | sed -E ‘s/.*”v([^”]+)”.*/\1/’)

– wget${VERSION}/dockle_${VERSION}_Linux-64bit.tar.gz

– tar zxvf dockle_${VERSION}_Linux-64bit.tar.gz

Scan the image by using below command

Dockle –f json –o results imagename:tag

Here output save in results.

To see the results, run the below command

Cat results

Note: CIS Benchmarks is the product of a community consensus process and consists of secure configuration guidelines developed for docker.


CIS’s Docker Image Checkpoints
CIS-DI-0001 Create a user for the container WARN
CIS-DI-0002 Use trusted base images for containers FATAL
CIS-DI-0003 Do not install unnecessary packages in the container FATAL
CIS-DI-0004 Scan and rebuild the images to include security patches FATAL
CIS-DI-0005 Enable Content trust for Docker INFO
CIS-DI-0006 Add HEALTHCHECK instruction to the container image WARN
CIS-DI-0007 Do not use update instructions alone in the Dockerfile FATAL
CIS-DI-0008 Confirm safety of setuid and setgid files INFO
CIS-DI-0009 Use COPY instead of ADD in Dockerfile FATAL
CIS-DI-0010 Do not store secrets in Dockerfiles FATAL
CIS-DI-0011 Install verified packages only INFO
Dockle Checkpoints for Docker
DKL-DI-0001 Avoid sudo command FATAL
DKL-DI-0002 Avoid sensitive directory mounting FATAL
DKL-DI-0003 Avoid apt-get upgrade, apk upgrade, dist-upgrade FATAL
DKL-DI-0004 Use apk add with –no-cache FATAL
DKL-DI-0005 Clear apt-get caches FATAL
DKL-DI-0006 Avoid latest tag WARN
Dockle Checkpoints for Linux
DKL-LI-0001 Avoid empty password FATAL
DKL-LI-0002 Be unique UID/GROUPs FATAL
DKL-LI-0003 Only put necessary files INFO

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