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Hardware Topics

Various types of RAM

Dynamic RAM (DRAM) DRAM is a classic form of RAM and has since been replaced by the faster and less expensive SDRAM. DRAM stores data electrically in a storage cell and refreshes the storage cell every few milliseconds. Extended Data-Out RAM (EDO RAM) EDO RAM is faster than DRAM. EDO RAM has also been replaced…

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VMware Topics

Web Application Development Topics

Windows related topics

Why Windows Crashes

Why Windows Crashes Windows crashes (i.e.: stops executions and displays the blue screen) for many different reasons: a reference to a memory address that causes an access violation, an unexpected exception or trap, a faulting kernel mode driver and so on. Blue screen: when the system encounters a hardware problem, data inconsistency, or similar error,…

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Linux related topics

Steps to install PDC in RedHAT 6

Steps to install PDC in RedHAT 6 Steps to install PDC in RedHAT 6 Install BIND – yum install bind* Copy localhost from /var/named to in /var/named/chroot/var/named with anyextension – forward lookup (ex. hyaking.for) Cp /var/named/named.localhost /var/named/chroot/var/name/india.for Configure hyaking.for IN SOA @ hostname(FQDN) & root server in domain (              123; 1D; 1H; 1W; 3H;) NS…

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