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Angular JS ng-src directive

Angular JS ng-src directive Angular JS ng-src directive: <img src= “{{country.flag}}”> Using a binding expression with the image “src” attribute results in a 404 error (File not found) Hard conding: (No errors) <div ng-controller=”myController”> <img src=”images/india.jpg”> </div> E.g.: Myapp.js: Var myApp=angular.module(‘myApp’,[]); Var myCtrl=myApp.controller(‘CountryCtrl’,function($scope) { Var country={ Name: ‘INDIA’, Capital:’Delhi’, Flag: ‘images/india.jpg’ }; $; }); Country.html:…

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Windows related topics

Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory Domain Services 1. Identify the Hardware and Software requirements 2. Install Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012 3. Configure appropriate TCP/IP and DNS server addresses. 4. Verify that a Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure is in place. 5. Designing of Active Directory Logical structure • Create a Forest Design • Create a Domain design for…

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