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Hardware Topics

VMware Topics

ESXi Logfiles Information

Log File Name Details /var/log/vmkernel Vmkernel Records activities related to the virtual machines and ESX host /var/log/vmkwarning Vmkernel Warnings A copy of everything marked as a warning or higher severity from vmkernel log. Easier to look through than vmkernel log /var/log/vmksummary Vmkernel Summary Used for avaialability and uptime statistics. Human-readable summary in vmksummary.txt /var/log/vmware/hostd.log Host…

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Web Application Development Topics

Windows related topics

Remote Desktop Services

The Remote Desktop Services server role in Windows Server 2008 R2 provides technologies that enable users to access Windows®-based programs that are installed on a Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) server, or to access the full Windows desktop. With Remote Desktop Services, users can access an RD Session Host server from within a…

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Linux related topics