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Hardware Topics

VMware Topics

Cisco Discovery Protocol

Cisco Discovery Protocol Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) allows ESX administrators to determine which Cisco switch port is connected to a given vSwitch. When CDP is enabled for a particular vSwitch, you can view properties of the Cisco switch (such as device ID, software version, and timeout) from the vSphere Client. Enable CDP on an ESX…

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Web Application Development Topics

Modules and Controllers

Modules and Controllers: Angular JS supports modular approach. A module is container for different parts of your application i.e., controllers, services, filters, directives etc to keep the code clean. We define modules in separate JavaScript files. Why module is required? Modules are like main() method in other types of applications. Modules are the angular equivivalent…

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Windows related topics

Organizational Unit

Organizational Unit Organization unit provides the ability to organize the network in a logical manner and the physical structure of the network . Active Directory uses a special container known as an OU’s to organize the objects within a domain for the purpose of administration. OU’s can be used to split a domain into administrative…

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Linux related topics