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vMotion fails at 10% with the error

vMotion fails at 10% with the error: Operation timed out When you attempt to use vMotion to migrate a virtual machine, the task fails at 10%. In virtual machine’s vmware.log file, you see these errors:vmx| MigrateStatusFailure: Now in new log file. vmx| MigrateStatusFailure: Timed out waiting for migration start request. In the source ESXi/ESX host’s…

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Installation of SQL Server for SCOM

Installation of SQL Server for SCOM Overview The below configuration and installation steps are aimed for All-in-One server installation of SCOM, SQL and Reporting components. Hardware Configuration (Recommended): Intel(R) Xeon (R) CPU 2.33 Ghz or above (2 Processors and 64 bit Server) 32 GB RAM 2 TB Hard Drive Software Configuration (Recommended): Microsoft Windows 2008…

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