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Difference between ESX and ESXi

  Capability ESX ESXi ServiceConsole Present Removed Troubleshootingperformed via Service Console ESXi Shell ActiveDirector Authentication Enabled Enabled SecureSyslog Not Supported Supported ManagementNetwork Service Console Interface VMkernel Interface JumboFrames Supported Supported HardwareMontioring 3 rd Party agents installed inService console Via CIM Providers Bootfrom SAN Supported in ESX Supported in ESXi Softwarepatches and updates Needed as similar…

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Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup On the Start menu, select All Programs, choose Accessories, select System Tools, and then click Disk Cleanup. The Disk Cleanup program is used to free up space by files that are no longer being used in the hard drive. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, click the Disk Cleanup tab. In the Files…

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