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Hardware Topics

VMware Topics

Disabling VAAI using the vSphere Client

Disabling VAAI using the vSphere Client To disable VAAI using the vSphere Client: Open the VMware vSphere Client. In the Inventory pane, select the ESXi/ESX host. Click the Configuration tab. Under Software, click Advanced Settings. Click DataMover. Change the DataMover.HardwareAcceleratedMove setting to 0. Change the DataMover.HardwareAcceleratedInit setting to 0. Click VMFS3. Change the VMFS3.HardwareAcceleratedLocking setting…

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Web Application Development Topics

Windows related topics

Monitoring Disk Activity

Monitoring Disk Activity On the Start menu, select All Programs, choose Administrative Tools*, and click Performance. In the Performance window, click the Add button on the toolbar in the graph area. In the Add Counters dialog box, select either the Use Local Computer Counters or the Select Counters From Computer radio button to determines where…

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Linux related topics